The Venue

I’ve worked at “Mediterranean” restaurants in Los Angeles, so I know a bit about the food. 

Ambiance: It hasn’t changed much since Twist, but it was already beautiful. There was music playing in the background at just the right volume. 

Staff: The staff was very attentive and Friendly. Our order was taken right away and our food came out rather quickly. After our meal, the owner came over to see ask about our experience and even offered us a sample of the Lebanese Beer, which  I believe was called Almaza. It kind of tastes like Heineken without the after taste. It’s very smooth. 

Food: First of all the complimentary appetizer is perfect. Usually places have you fill up on pita bread, which  leaves you too full to enjoy your meal. I enjoyed the portion size and its contents: Carrots, Olive Oil, Thyme, Pumpkin Seeds, Almonds, and Pita Bread. You have an option of flat or sparkling water. I had the Vegetarian Plate. Everything on my plate was delicious. The Spinach Fatayer was good; however I’ve had better. My friend had the Shrimp Kabob plate w/ French Fries (not very adventurous). I tried the shrimp and it was delicious

Even though this place is expensive, you get a great ambiance, great service, and good food.

I will definitely be back for the food and I eventually want to try their Hookah.

7835 N Palm Ave
Fresno, CA 93711
(559) 261-2600


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