El Torito

Just as quickly as I started blogging, I went on hiatus.

Well, I’m Back !

Today I went had a lunch date with my mother, after fasting for 12 hours.

For some reason, my mother likes going to El Torito at the Marina. Personally, I’m more partial to the Santa Monica location. I don’t know if it’s just me having bad luck, but every time I go to the El Torito at the Marina it never goes smoothly.

It was a beautiful day in Los Angeles today- sunny but with a cool breeze. It was the perfect day to have lunch with a beautiful view of the beach. We missed the lunch rush, so we were able to snag a window-side table. Anyway, I have start off by saying, that the basket of tortilla chips has gotten smaller. Truthfully, it doesn’t matter because you get unlimited refills. The salsa is wee bit spicy but the flavor of tomato is the most prevalent.

I had the Chicken Taco Salad (minus the chicken, cotija cheese, and dressing). I could have sworn that it came with beans- but it doesn’t. It was very tasty and colorful, but a bit naked. Next time I will definitely add beans. Luckily, my mother had the carne asada street tacos with Spanish rice and beans, so I took half of her beans for myself. The food was tasty.

The bad: They were out of the tropical iced tea (on a Monday at 1:00 p.m.?), we were brought the wrong bill that was twice the amount of our actual bill, and considering how slow it was, we were hardly checked up on. We had to flag our server down twice to get more salsa and water refills.


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