We had to run a few errands today. Basically, I tagged along after getting bribed with lunch. My mother, my sister and I piled into the car and drove into Westwood. As usual, deciding to have lunch together is the easy part; deciding where and what to eat is more challenging.

Me: Vegan
Sister: Ovotarian + Gluten Free
Mom: Picky (she’d never admit it)

Anyway, we finally decided to go to Yamato, because my sister was craving sushi. It was rather empty, since it was about 1:30 pm. We walked in and the blond-haired blue-eyed hostess greets us Japanese. It would have probably been more effective had she not whispered it. After an awkward pause, my sister asks her for a table.

We immediately get seated outside. Lunch dates like this remind me why I love living in Southern California. It was a beautiful day to eat on the patio. There is an awning to block out the sun. The restaurant itself stands on a Peninsula on Westwood Blvd., so there is plenty of pedestrian traffic to engage in some people watching while you wait.

The sushi menu is a bit limited, for my liking. Luckily, our server was willing to work with us. I had a cucumber roll and a vegetable hand roll with brown rice. My sister had a cucumber roll. Our server was willing to create an avocado roll if we wanted. It’s always nice when they are willing to work with our dietary needs. My mother had the salmon dish. As far as drinks I had hot green tea (a sushi essential), my sister had a Cabernet (which she enjoyed). We started with some edamame. I found that edamame looked rather old? Maybe it was just overcooked. I’m used to it being plump and firm, instead these were wrinkly and rather squishy. (I really do love the extent of my vocabulary)

Our food was good. The size of the rolls here parallels the price.

There is a parking structure up the street across from CPK with 2 hours free parking.

(NOTE: The location in Encino has Teppanyaki)


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