Kay n’ Dave’s

Kay n’ Dave’s is one of those restaurants that I tend to forget about. This location has changed ownership so many times and I just forget that it’s here. Anyway, it’s located in downtown Culver City diagonally across from Trader Joe’s.

There is free two hour parking at Trader Joe’s, but I will warn you that the lights at this  intersection last forever. There is also free two hour parking on Main. There is a small lot with metered parking across from the restaurant and a small back lot.

I feel as if this is becoming a trend in my reviews, but I swear I’m not as snobby when it comes to service as I come off. Truthfully, I was a server at several venues before, so I have an idea about what the job entails. Anyway, I have reviewed this venue before (http://www.yelp.com/biz/kay-n-daves-culver-city#hrid:JECkYzsy5ABHWe31akSNEQ) and had a similar complaint. The service here is always lacking. Our server was friendly, but he just seemed a bit scatterbrained. We had to ask for more chips and salsa and it took well over 15 minutes to get it. Our server never brought it- instead we had to ask the manager for straws and a refill. It should NOT take 15 minutes to get straws.

My sister and I both ordered the black bean soup (which is vegan). It’s nice and spicy. I think this is the only thing we ever order here. I ordered a side of avocado. Zachary ordered Oaxacan Enchiladas. Here is mistake #2 – for whatever reason, my side order of avocado translated to taking the avocado off of Zachary’s enchiladas and giving them to me as a side. He had to ask for avocado- which took another 10 minutes to arrive at the table. He did say, however, that they were the best enchiladas he had ever had. My mother had the Oaxacan tostada – she didn’t care for it. She said that it was too large of a portion (um… doggie bags anyone?) and that there was too much lettuce (there is no such thing). There is a nice vegetarian menu that I have yet to explore – potato tacos, vegetarian enchiladas, etc.

Enough of the bad let’s talk about the good. The venue is huge ! they have both indoor and outdoor seating and heating lamps outside. Downtown Culver City is a great place to people watch- so sitting outside is always fun. According to my sister, they have a good happy hour; however, the bar area is rather small, so get there early. I do order my food to go most times, just to avoid the service issues. The black bean soup comes with a huge portion of warm tortilla chips.

Needless to say, we will be back.

Oaxaca(n) “You know what really grinds my gears?” people that can’t pronounce this. It is wah-hawk-a or wah-hawk-an. IT is a word in Nahuatl, which is a family from the Aztec nation. Please please please, learn how to pronounce it. My family members have no excuse to not know how to pronounce it. I think they butcher the pronunciation just to aggravate me.

9341 Culver Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232
Neighborhood: Culver City

(310) 558-8100


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