The Counter (Downtown LA)

I really love the counter. When I first discovered The Counter, I was obsessed ! You can imagine how excited I was to have one right by my work place. This also meant that I had to exercise some self control so that I wouldn’t be there every week.

I came in here yesterday after getting an e-mail saying that it was vegetarian month. I dragged my co-worker over there. (Honestly I was not all there yesterday – I was exhausted) Whoever the hostess was around noon was amazing ! She made me feel so good. You know those people that are perky, but not fake over the top perky? That was her. She just seemed like a happy person and she made conversation with us so easily. I really wish I would’ve gotten her name, because she was amazing.

She suggested the vegetarian club, which is what I was there for. We both ended up ordering the vegetarian club and we split an order of fries. The vegetarian club is a grilled vegetable (red peppers, onion, tomato, carrots), Avocado, Mozzarella, Basil Pesto, on Texas Toast with Rosemary Oil brushed on to it. They cut the sandwich into 4 triangles, so that they look like little tea sandwiches. My co-worker loved it !

VEGAN:: (No mozzarella, no Basil Pesto) I added mushroom to it instead. I was impressed with our server for knowing, on the spot, that the basil pesto had dairy. Usually I find that most servers have to ask about such minute details.

The fries are amazing. Their seasoning is great and they are thin enough to almost be shoestring fries. My co-worker doesn’t like sweet potato fries, so we only got regular fries; however, you should try their fifty fifty ( 1/2 regular 1/2 sweet potato ).

This venue has both indoor and outdoor seating. Parking is typical downtown parking; however, it is right next to the train station and the Roosevelt Hotel. There are also many bars around the area  in case you’re looking for something to do after dinner. Additionally, staples center and Nokia Live are close by. Also, if you’re looking for dessert afterwards, there is a Sprinkles Cupcakes nearby and Syrup.

I’m posting the site’s picture, because, unfortunately, I was too ravenous to stop and take a picture of mine.

CON: I understand that it was lunch rush; however, once we got our food it took forever to track down my server to get a knife. My co-worker was halfway done with her sandwich. Also, we were not offered a refill on our iced tea, until after we paid the bill.


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