I used to come to Robeks a lot more, but I’ve laid off the juice as of recently. After a very long day & night yesterday, I ended up sleeping in (at least by my standards). I had loads to do and it was almost lunch time. I figured I would treat myself to a little hump day treat and grab a Robeks.

This location in particular is perfect, because it’s on the way home. Personally, I find Robek’s smoothies to be a lot more delicious than Jamba Juice (I do enjoy both).

This location has its own 6 spot parking lot; however, there is a shopping center adjacent to it with a huge parking lot, in case theirs is full. The staff is always friendly and the venue is always clean.

I’ve always been more partial to the sour/tangy smoothies. While I enjoy my sweets, I don’t enjoy sweet drinks.

Today I got the Passionfruit Cove (in medium) Passionfruit-Mango Juice, strawberries, peaches and ice. Usually it comes with Pineapple sherbet – but I asked for the all-fruit option. It was perfect and refreshing.

I also enjoy South Pacific Squeeze, Pomegranate Passion, and Pina Koolada.

I do wish that they would put the nutritional information for their dairy-free versions on the website.


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