The Blue Daisy Cafe

When we were younger, we would always go to church on Sunday and then head out to breakfast afterward. I didn’t think to much of it then; however, now, we are hardly able to do it. Coordinating all of our schedules so that we’re all home on Sunday at the same time is nearly impossible. 
Luckily, today was one of those rare instances, when we were all home; so, we decided to head out for little Sunday breakfast. My mother was in the mood for Crepes (not surprising), but she wanted to try something new. Now, I have to say that my mother is very difficult to satisfy, so I’m always a bit weary about the places I recommend. I decided to sugget The Blue Daisy Cafe. They have a nice variety of crepes, a gluten free crepe option (for my sister), and of course they are flexible about substitutions, which works for me. 
You are warned that it is a very small venue; however, it appears that they’re in the process of moving very soon. There is 2 hour street parking available on the side streets and metered parking on Wilshire Blvd. There is limited outside seating. 
Our server was very mild mannered and he took our order rather quickly, as follows:
Dad: Frittata (tomatoes, tarragon, feta cheese, shallots, comes with 2 slices of toasted French baguette)
Mom: Lemon Ricotta, Cheese & mixed Berries crepe (homemade ricotta cheese crepe with mixed berry sauce and fresh bananas) & Sunrise (mixture of orange juice with cranberry juice, served with lemon and mint leaves, iced)
Sister: Nutella, Roasted Almonds, and banana buckwheat (gluten free) crepe (pictured below) & Cafe Latte w/ Almond Milk (pictured below)
Me: Baked Egg Ratatouille – sans baked egg & whole wheat english muffin instead of the French baguette & Cafe Latte w/ Almond Milk (pictured below)
The food was the perfect portion and very good quality food. The latte’s were super foamy, which we love. Everyone enjoyed their meal and the unanimously decided to return to further explore the menu.
Where do you and your family like to go for Sunday breakfast?

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