The Veggie Grill

I call this place the Vegan Mc.Donalds. Not in the sense that it’s just awful food loaded with all kinds of weird ingredients, but in the sense that it is the most  widely known vegan friendly restaurant with tons of those craveable foods that you hardly get to have as a vegan.

It is so tasty, in fact, that I try and avoid it as much as possible. Still, when I go to get my hair done once a month, and find that I’m starving, which usually happens, it is very convenient to walk a few blocks down and get some eats.

I first came to The Veggie Grill, pre-surgery, meaning pre-pescatarianism. The man I was dating at the time was vegetarian, brought my mother and I here after he spontaneously made a blood donation for me for my surgery. Anyway, he’d been raving about this place and this was the perfect opportunity. It is so long ago that I don’t remember exactly what I had – I believe it was a burger. My mother had a burger as well, I remember that much. I ordered Sweetheart Fries (I’m a sucker for sweet potato fries). My friend ordered the Buffalo Wings (which I tried and were so savory).

Anyway, since then, I usually like to get their salads. Leave it to me to go to a vegan restaurant and still order a salad. I do splurge a bit and add some tempeh. The way that they season their tempeh is marvelously delicious. It makes the splurge 100% worth it. 

The Santa Monica location has street parking. There is a small lot around the back of the restaurant. They have plenty of indoor seating and limited outdoor seating. With California weather, you can take advantage of this outdoor seating year round. Plus, on the weekends it’s nice to sit out there and watch the runners, walkers, and pets go by.

I believe that they only have locations in California, Oregon, and Washington.

Santa Monica
2025 Wilshire Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90403
Open Daily 11 am- 11pm


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