Morton’s Steakhouse

I know, you’re all thinking, “why in the world would I celebrate my birthday at a Steakhouse?”
  1. My parents LOVE steak;
  2. Excellent cocktails;
  3. I’m a VIP here (weird I know)
Anyway, I made the reservation here and hoped for the best. Important to note is that Morton’s does offer a few salad options which is perfect for anyone wanting a salad; however, I who goes to Morton’s and orders a salad?
When I made the reservation, I made a note that I was vegan. I wanted to be sure I that I wouldn’t be disappointed. So, I called. I was told that they would let the server and chef know. I was going to remind Moses, our server, of my dietary concerns, but he let me know before I could utter the words that he was already aware (POINTS!)
I got a yummy cocktail (I don’t see it on the menu so it might be seasonal) Vodka, Cucumber, Agave, Lime Juice, Elderberry liqueur (I had him go easy on this since I’m not a fan of sweet cocktails). I also ordered the side of Asparagus, Baked Potato, and Roasted Brussels Sprouts. I shared with my parents.
Asparagus – Thick, perfectly steamed spears of asparagus.
Baked Potato – it comes with all the fixings, but I settled for some chives. It’s a massive potato, which is perfect for sharing. They bring out the potato and break it open by massaging it with a towel.
Roasted Brussels Sprouts – I had mine sans bacon. The onions were cooked perfectly and gave them nice flavor. They were tender and easy to chew.
The usual complimentary birthday dessert is a lemon tart; however, he warned me that it was loaded with egg, so he brought me a vegan chocolate cake instead. Ice cream on the side, which the parents indulged in.
This was the perfect place to celebrate because ALL of us left satisfied and happy.


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