I know what you’re thinking. Fast food?

Sometimes you don’t make food and you can’t leave the office for an extended period of time to get lunch, so in those times you might just have to resort to fast food.

I have to note – you can be unhealthy and be vegan. Also, not all vegans are skinny (meaning me lol)

Anyway, so I had one of those days, when I couldn’t leave the office. On top of that I had an awful headache that simply would not subside. Luckily I had my mother, who actually did manage to leave the office and was gracious enough to bring me some eats.

As soon as she said Wendy’s, I thought – baked potato. I really didn’t want that though. I went on-line to figure out what else I could have.

The Apple Pecan Chicken salad is what I went with. I veganized it by removing the cheese crumbles and the chicken fillet. That leaves me with red and green apples, cranberries (WARNING they are sugar coated, roasted pecans (fat content ! I believe these are sugar coated as well) I got the dressing on the side.

I know that this doesn’t sound that great, but as a no other choice available meal – it really wasn’t that bad.


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