Simply Salad

Lately all my posts have dealt with places that my boss has recommended. I suppose that I do spend quite a bit of time at work. The highlight of my day is being able to leave my desk and eat.

Anyway, simply salads was one of the first places that I went to eat at when I first started working here. Secretly, I get super excited when I get the call/text that my boss is making a pit stop at Simply Salads on his way to work.

If you do decide to pop in make sure you allocate ample time to find a park spot. It is downtown and there are paid car parks and metered spots. It’s cafe style (think Chipotle, subway, 800 degrees).You choose your leaf (I usually opt for Spinach) 5 toppings ranging from beets, sunflower seeds, celery, cucumber, bean sprouts, tomato, red peppers, etc. Of course, you can add premiums (dried cherries, avocado, tofu) and a variety of dressings. I’m sure you guys know how I feel about sauces and dressings by now, so I’ve only tried the olive oil (on the side of course).

You have the option of making any salad a wrap or a sandwich. There are also pre-made salads. Don’t forget to add a cup of soup.

For you omnivores/vegetarians they have cookies – which I’ve been told are quite delish.

There is limited seating inside; however, there is additional seating outside on the balcony. Let’s face it – outdoor seating should always be an option southern California.

In my experience the employees are really nice and they work through the line quickly.

Address: 334 S Main St, Los Angeles, CA 90013
Phone:(213) 935-8048


Tuesday 10:00 am – 8:00 pm

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