Jersey Mike’s

Jersey Mike’s opened months ago by my house. I’ve seen a few of these restaurants and have always meant to stop in and have a gander, but then I forget. 
Anyway, on this particular day I had just completed my first 18 mile run. I was ravenous and knew that I had to pick something up on the way home or else I would be forced to leave the comfort of my bed again in a few hours.
I always finish my runs at an awkward time. Usually “brunch” time. Since I wake up obnoxiously early  to run, I end up having breakfast at 5:00 a.m. By the time I’m done running between 9 and 11 it’s lunch time for me, but not yet for the rest of the world. Enough rambling?
I stopped in here and of course opted for the grilled veggie wrap. Grilled peppers and onions (for you vegetarians it has melted Swiss, provolone, and ranch) along with lettuce and tomato. I added avocado to make up for all the dairy that I removed. 
The wrap was a good size for someone who just ran 18 miles; however, on a normal day the wrap is about a serving and a half or maybe even two servings if you add a side salad. To be 100% honest though, I was not impressed. The veggies were fresh, but there was just nothing special. I wouldn’t mind eating here, but I don’t see myself ever craving this.
Jersey Mike’s is a good alternative to Subway, Quiznos, and Togo’s; however, it’s really not much different. 
What do you think of this chain?

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