The Terrace Cafe

Growing up in Southern California has truly been a blessing. Yes, California girls are stereotyped and mocked in the time. Still, it doesn’t get better much better than waking up to the fresh and cool sea breeze. 

During the cold months, we are lucky enough to cozy up in restaurants and lounges that are beach side. Some times, have bonfires on the beach with blankets and s’mores. During the warm months, we spend endless days at the beach, tanning, swimming, skateboarding, California dreaming.
Truthfully, I’ve taken these blessings for granted until recently. Marathon training has changed my life perspective in so many ways. Running along the beach suffering through utter exhaustion, there is a serenity that manages to overcome fatigue, when you are faced with a beautiful California sunrise. 
So, what better way to end a marathon training run, than a beach-front breakfast at the world famous Venice Beach?! 

The Terrace Cafe is delightfully located in Venice beach. You’ve been warned, parking is a PAIN. The earlier you get here, the better. There is metered parking (1 hour limit during the day) that is strictly monitored. There are a couple of “beach parking” car parks, that will require your first born as payment. You can also drive around and look for a parking spot in the residential area. 
This restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating. The outdoor portion faces the culdesac on Washington Blvd., which is perfect for people watching and enjoying the beach scenery. Inside, there is a full bar and plenty of seating. Also, there is air conditioning, which is a huge benefit when those temperatures reach 90 +. In the very back end of the restaurant there is a covered sun room. This is where we sat. This section has a huge window overlooking the beach. 
There is an abundance of seating and a lively crowd. Not too loud and not awkwardly silent either. 

As usual, when it comes to breakfast, there aren’t very many options for me. The usual, salads, oatmeal, fruit. Nothing out of the ordinary. 
I had the mixed fruit oatmeal, which came with strawberries, bananas, blueberries, raisins, brown sugar, and soy milk.
I indulged in a soy latte (wish that they offered almond milk*hint hint*)
Everything was tasty and the portions were generous. From our huge group no one had any complaints about the quality of their food.


Our server was great, she was very attentive. My issues were with the rest of the staff.
  1. I went to the restroom, and as I made my way from our table to the restroom, I was bombarded by a cook and another employee engaging in a shoving row. The cook was scolding/yelling at the other employee and violently shoving him. I’ve worked in the food industry and I understand that there are issues in the work place; however, it is important that it stays hidden. The cook saw me and yet continued with his altercation. There was no acknowledgement or apology for almost knocking me over.
  2. While I was in the restroom, my food came out and it was taken back to the kitchen. For the next 15 minutes everyone else’s food came out; however, mine was never brought back. In fact, I had to go to the kitchen myself and ask what had happened to my food. 
Aside from these two issues, which I want to give them the benefit of the doubt on, our group had an enjoyable visit. 


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