Farmer Boys

Throughout life, you will meet people that challenge you. As much as we want to be upset or think that we’re better than they are, because we are the “bigger” person, we should be grateful. It is these people that will challenge us, cause is to grow, and reveal things about us that we need to work on. What in the world does this have to do with food?
I have a challenging person in my life right now. One of the ways that she has found to challenge me relates to this yummy burger pictured below. We had all decided to go on a group lunch date. 
-“do we have to go to one of those vegan places?”
-“uh, no I can pretty much find something to eat anywhere. I could even go to Jack in the Box and find something to eat.”
-“Ew, I don’t want to go to Jack in the Box.”

Obviously, I wasn’t suggesting that we go there, I was simply saying that they could choose and not have to worry about me. Anyway, they chose Farmer Boys. I had never been there so I scoped out the menu prior. I was very disappointed as it did not look like there was anything for me to eat there.
The salads have meat and cheese. When removed, I’d basically be left with lettuce, tomato, and some avocado. Not really anything filling or tasty for that matter. I figured I’d have to settle for that. 
Anyway, we get there and the first thing I hear.
-“So what are you going to get, little miss vegan”

I wasn’t sure yet, but I knew I’d figure it out. I get to the cash register, and I ask the woman if their veggie patty was vegan. She wasn’t sure so she went o ask the cooks and the manager, who assured her that it was. SCORE ! I had a veggie burger with yellow onion, pickles, lettuce,  tomato, and mustard. As if that wasn’t a cheat meal enough, I had fries on the side. I have to admit, it was rather delicious. 
I assure you, there were no more comments about my diet being challenging for the rest of that lunch. 
Challenge conquered.

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