Kabuki used to be one of my go to places with my ex-boyfriend. We were sushi addicts and you can’t beat free edamame. I’ve been to quite a few of its locations, however, this one will focus on the one in Culver city.
The venue itself is located at the Howard Hughes Promenade. I used to really enjoy coming here, because there was free parking and it was nice; however, during the last few years it has become a not so pleasant shopping center to dine it. Thursday – Sunday you find rambunctious teens and tweens hanging out here just causing drama. 
Now you have to pay, I believe, $3 flat rate fee CASH ONLY upon entrance. I come here and stay on the side where Kabuki is located to avoid the rambunctious patrons.
The restaurant itself is a decent size. Although there have been times, when I have to wait to be seated, for the most part the tun around time is decent. There is a sushi bar and booth seating. This would not be a good restaurant for large groups as there are no movable tables. The restaurant is noisy but a good vibe overall.


In the past I’ve had not so great experiences. I found a hard object in my sushi once and a hair another time; however, it’s been years since I’ve had that happen. The staff handled it well and brought me a new dish.  

When I became vegetarian, I stopped coming here, largely because I don’t eat fish. I would come for the veggie rolls, soup, or tofu; however, I really never craved sushi too much anymore. That is until now! My family and I went in for a going-away dinner and to my surprise they had a vegetarian menu. Even better – it was so simple to VEGANIZE it ! now, before, my usual order was the Rainbow Roll, Caterpillar Roll, and California Roll. So, you can imagine how excited I was to have a Veggie Rainbow Roll (Pictured Below). I had them leave out the sauce and use brown rice instead of white rice.
I have to admit at first bite I did not love it. The texture and look of the roll reminded me so much of what a “real” rainbow roll looked like that it kind of grossed me out. (this is a positive note, because it means they did a great job constructing it) Once I got past that, it was a great roll. The veggies were nicely prepared and my roll stayed together very well.
I definitely need to go back and try the other veggie rolls, but so far I like it. 


Service is good here 90% of the time. The servers are friendly and the food comes out very quickly. 
Where is your favorite vegan sushi spot? What’s your favorite vegan sushi roll?
6081 Center Dr
Ste 203
Los Angeles, CA 90045

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