I do not advocate juicing, by any means. In fact, I would even say that I oppose it. Personally, it gives me the shakes. Every now and then, though, I really just want a smoothie. 

When I get the rare opportunity to come to work late, I like to take a few extra minutes to pop in here. There is usually street parking available at around 8:30 (because nothing is open) In the afternoon I have been a rebel and just parked at the Taco Bell (at your own risk).
This is a small venue with two little tables.
It looks just as you would expect a smoothie place to look, clean, modern, etc.

I’ve had the smoothies and the acai bowls. Now, I know that there is a bit of a health controversy with acai bowls; however, I think we can all be honest with ourselves and know that they are not a “health food”. This girl has got a sweet tooth, so I allow myself to get them sometimes. Anyway, they are topped with coconut, banana, granola, and you can add agave. They are delicious. 
Everything that I’ve tried here has been tasty and fresh. I even brought my mom here and she had a vegetarian crepe. It looked absolutely amazing and she said that it tasted amazing.
Food does not have to look good in order to taste good; however, it’s always nice to have aesthetically beautiful food. 


So there’s this redhead that works there (sorry I can’t remember your name), but I told him the other day – How is it that you’re always here? – I swear, he’s taken my order every single time that they’ve been there.
I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the owner once and he was so sweet and very informative.
Needless to say, I’ve always had a pleasant experience here. 
What’s your favorite smoothie bar?

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