Noah’s Bagels

Bagels  always remind me of two things:

  1. High School – I used to have “brunch” which was really Breakfast #2 with an egg bagel and 2 packs of cream cheese; and
  2. New York – who doesn’t have coffee and a bagel in NY
More recently, I was dating a man who had a bagel almost every morning. I kid you not. I unfortunately eat a bagel and end up weighing 1000 pounds, so I’ve had to limit my bagel intake. I used to say that I couldn’t eat bagels because they contain egg or butter. Then, I did my research. It turns out that most of the bagels at Noah’s Bagels are vegan friendly.

The Culver City location is rather small. There is some indoor seating. There is a parking lot for the shopping center, so parking has never been an issue for me. The restaurant itself is clean and very open and airy.


I’ve been coming here since before I went vegan. Their bagels are always fresh and the perfect texture. I also dated a guy that worked nearby and sometimes I would pick up a bagel sandwich for him for lunch and he said that they were great. Anyway, for you non-vegan, their whipped spreads are amazing! they have flavored ones and regular cream cheese flavor. The spread is so fluffy, light, and creamy all at once. 
I love that they now offer “bagel thins” because it allows me to indulge without feeling so guilty. I like to get mine with fresh strawberry preserves. My mouth is watering as I write this. 
Don’t forget to try out their fresh squeezed orange juice.


The staff has always been very friendly. They move through the line very quickly during that morning rush. I do have to mention that there have been a few slip ups on my order – so check your order before you leave.
Pictured Below: Valentine’s Day Heart Shaped Bagel

8985 Venice Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90034
Phone number(310) 280-0271

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