Cafe Vida


This is based on the Culver City location This location is a very good size. There is street parking available as well as several nearby parking structure.

There is both indoor and outdoor seating and there are heating lamps outside for those cooler mornings. You do have to maneuver your way around the porch seating, because of all the seating.

The venue itself is very clean and minimalistic.


” Healthy Latin Food”

They use many organic products, agave is used as their sweetener, and they use 100% real maple syrup, hormone and antibiotic free chicken and meat (if you’re into that kind of thing), no trans fat, and a variety of smoothies and juices.

I think it’s adorable that along with the usual salt, pepper, hot sauce, and napkins there is also hand sanitizer at the table.

There are options for vegans, vegetarians, and the rest of the population. In my experience, the food has always seemed fresh. You get a rather hefty portion so come hungry.

B and I come here frequently and I usually order the quinoa tofu breakfast bowl (pictured below), mixed vegetable and tofu bowl, tex-mex salad (sub tofu), organic oatmeal (pictured in the other post), or green juice


Usually service is great; however, when you go somewhere weekly, there are bound to be slip ups; however, they have handled such situations quite gracefully. The hostesses and servers are very friendly and well versed on the menu.

I drink water like a fish, so it is nice that the staff is very attentive and constantly filling my glass.


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