Blaze Pizza


This particular restaurant is conveniently located inside a brand new “shopping center” in Culver City. It’s more of a restaurant center. Anyway, there used to be plenty of parking; however, as of late the car park is constantly full. There is full valet and rooftop parking as well as street parking along Sepulveda. 
The restaurant is small there is some seating inside and outside. Usually, I just take it to go. The restaurant is very clean, but it does get a bit stuffy in there. 


What more can I say, it’s PIZZA (Yum!) my all time favorite food. Now as you all know, I’m a fan of 800 Degrees, BUT there are a couple of things that are deciding factors when deciding between the 2 . 
  1. It is much closer to me;
  2. Toppings: You can have as many toppings as you’d like for the same price. (NOTE: they do charge extra for vegan cheese & Gluten Free crust) 
  3. They offer to change their gloves if you are getting a vegan or gluten free option (it’s the little things that count) 
  4. They have a nutrition calculator on their website


Every single time that I’ve been here, the employees have been very nice and energetic. They are very attentive about the number of guests they have waiting in line.  There have even been times when the line has been absolutely atrocious and the employees bring out small samples of their lemonade. 
The little details set this chain apart from the rest. It keeps me and apparently many others coming back for more.  This is why, they were included in a list of 12 small chains that are going to take over. 

Vegan Cheese gluten free pizza with pineapple, tomato, basil, oregano, onion, pepperoncini


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