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Running season is back full force. I’ve had a rough summer. There was recovery from the marathon, injuries, surgery.

I’ve been trying to build back up the last few weeks only to be plagued by this annoying IT band problem. S keeps telling me to get it looked at. I don’t out of fear that they will tell me that I need to take time off from running. I already took so much time off this summer. They say that it is difficult to lose weight as a long distance runner, because you have trained your body to efficiently burn energy in order to run 13 miles is not ideal for weight loss.

This is key to my Sunday ritual. I have discovered that I am now able to complete a 10 mile run, without eating prior. This has helped keep my tummy in line during the runs; however, post run I have chills and I am ravenous. As with every abnormal feeling that I experience in my running career, I try to find a way to fix it so that my body remains as balanced as possible.


I called my mother, while I was on the way home. She had already eaten, but she agreed to accompany me to Cafe Vida. I used to frequent this restaurant after my weekend hikes in the Palisades, so now that there is one on the west side, I am there even more. After a run like yesterday’s I needed a carb re-load. I opted for Organic Omea 3’s Oatmeal. It is cooked with almond milk, flax-seed, sliced almonds, walnuts, chia seeds, raisins, and berries. It’s the perfect post-run portion. I didn’t stop there though, I also needed some protein (hey I ran some hills too) so I also ordered the Perfect Date Smoothie (Dates, Almond Butter, hemp protein, and almond milk).

I know that this was overkill, but I only had half the smoothie. I had the rest in the late afternoon.

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What is your favorite post work out meal/restaurant?






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