Lunch dates are the absolute best. I don’t know if it’s mainly an American thing, but we tend to socialize and bond over meals. I’m lucky enough to work in an area, where I can have lunch dates with my mom and other friends.

Today, I decide I would text P, since he just got back from New Zealand. I hadn’t seen him in about 2 weeks and I wanted some time to catch. I had dissuaded myself from a salad and decided that I would be getting a wrap/sandwich instead; however, once P confirmed, I decided I wanted Azla.

I first heard about Azla through my cousin who had contracted them for an fundraiser she had organized. She knows that I’m vegan and she told me that her boss, who was also vegan, raved about their food. One day, I was craving something new and decided to look them up. I was hooked.


I love coming here, because there is free, accessible parking (and valet). There is also metered parking.

It is located in a market type setting- think grand central market. This makes it perfect for work lunch gatherings, that way omnivores can venture out and try  Mexican, Peruvian, or even American food from the other stands.

I have been here between 12-2 pm and I have never encountered a lunch rush. Not to say that they’re not popular, but the line moves quickly, so you have time to enjoy your lunch after ordering.

There is ample indoor seating.


Everything is vegan (Yay!) They have their permanent dishes and the daily specials. Usually, I opt for one permanent and one special;however, today, I got a 3 item combo. Each combo comes with a choice of injera or brown rice.

I love how all the dishes include the name, description, and ingredient list.

They sell bottled drinks including coconut water, sparkling water, and tea. They also have vegan and vegan gluten free desserts.

The food always looks and tastes fresh. The flavors are so distinct and compliment one another.



From what I have deduced, this restaurant is family owned.  The service has always been great. Every person that I have encountered is very knowledgeable about the menu and very friendly. They always greet me and acknowledge me even if they are busy helping another customer. They encourage sampling and just make me feel welcome every single time.

This combination is what keeps me coming back time and again.

Today I decided I would get a 3 item combo with brown rice. I got the raw kale and chickpea salad, which comes with dried cranberries, lemon juice, and tahini. I also got the raw zucchini pesto pasta with garlic, and the spicy potato wot (very very spicy). AMAZING! If I was able to fit it all in my belly, I would have.


All in all it was a tasty lunch filled with amazing pictures of the New Zealand countryside, animals, and desserts.


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