Extraordinary Desserts

I am a total sucker for cuteness and sugar. With a name like EXTRAORDINARY DESSERTS how could anyone go wrong? I’m constantly telling myself that I need to lay off the sugar, but after a race I think I’m allowed, right?

I had been planning this out for weeks. I knew that after my race, I just wanted to shower, change and head to Extraordinary Desserts for brunch. I had a grueling race. I came off the start line way too fast. Couple that with 76 degree weather and 100% humidity and it was a total recipe for disaster. Miles 1-6 I was feeling good. I made it through those rolling hills at a much better pace then I intended. Suddenly I hit The Wall – boy did I hit it hard. Those next 7 miles took so much out of me mentally, emotionally and physically. I hit a point where there were suddenly no water stations for 3 miles. I remember thinking Just keep running at a 10 minute pace until the next water station. By the time that water station came I was fatigued, dehydrated, and lightheaded. Perfect condition to face that uphill climb for the last 3 miles. So much for that negative split. 

We made our way to my favorite place in San Diego, post-race.


They have two locations. The one in Little Italy is my favorite. There is metered parking and a lot nearby. Luckily, this time we just walked over. The building is very modern and you walk in through this massive seining industrial type door. You walk into a venue with perforated walls, huge ceramic bowls, and Buddhist statues. You walk into an array of pastries. Beautiful pastries with floral arrangements to die for. While I wait I like to look through the front shelves, which are stocked with loose leaf tea and all kinds of cute knick knacks. 

There is both indoor and outdoor seating. Although, I’ve never sat outdoors. hey have tables, booths, and the high tables with bar stools (I don’t like these very much). 


This is definitely not  cheap place to dine in. You are paying a pretty penny, but you get good portions, beautiful presentation, and amazing flavors. 

Usually I go for the brunch. They arrange it on the counter covered in rose petals. The brunch lay out consists of artisinal jams, pesto, breads, fruits, veggies, meats, cheeses and of course desserts.There is a very limited selection for vegans but sometimes fruits and veggies and some bread and jam is just what you want. 

I was ravenous after my race, so I had a panini:

Tofu Club

The Tofu club has avocado, spinach, tofu, carmelized onion, tempeh, and rice cheese (no aioli to make it vegan) instead she brought me some Chipotle mustard, which made it perfect. It was savory and tangy; an beautiful marriage of flavors. In fact, S said that my vegan sandwich was better than his non-vegan sandwich. The caramelized onions were not overly sweet or soggy. In fact I would say that they were slightly caramelized.

S had that goat cheese panini (PESTO GENOVESE / TOMATO / PORTOBELLO MUSHROOM / AVOCADO)  he said that it was good, but it was missing something. Once he added some of my mustard he said it tasted much better. He tends to like very flavorful food.

We shared the SoCal Kale Salad. We ordered the large and it was the perfect portion for sharing. I eat kale, but I never crave kale- especially Kale salad. This salad was so good though! If I could have this everyday, I would. 


You have to leave room for dessert. S’s favorite dessert is the Napoleon, so we ordered one. 

Napoleon (kiwi, mango, strawberry, and raspberry puree)

How could anyone eat this? The purees were so good. They do offer vegan, gluten free, and vegan gluten free desserts. Their portions are perfect for sharing. 


The service here has always been great. We were so high maintenance this time around. We asked to be moved twice. Given that they were so busy, they were very accommodating and nice about it as well. Our server did her best to be attentive even though we were not in her section. 

What are some unique places that have just blown your mind?


1430 Union Street, San Diego, CA 92101
Tel: 619.294.7001


2 thoughts on “Extraordinary Desserts

  1. Oh wow, I didn’t realize that they served more than just dessert there! I’ll have to check it out next time I’m in the States. These photos definitely look scrumptious!


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