Flame Broiler


I remember living in Fresno and seeing Flame Broiler, when I went to PetSmart. I never went in. I didn’t know exactly what their menu consisted of, but I knew that I didn’t really feel like going in to find out.

Fast forward to July 4, 2014. S and I were walking (for MILES!) to meet up with my sister and her boyfriend in Newport Beach for 4th of July festivities.We decided that the smart thing to do would be to get something in our systems before celebrating. We went into a little shopping center and the only thing that looked acceptable was Flame Broiler. We walked in and were pleasantly surprised by the amazing service. As I’ve mentioned before, he eats everything. We were able to get a bowl with half meat and half veggies (with the meat on the side) half brown rice and half white rice.

This past weekend we were heading to our first staycation / America’s Finest City 1/2 Marathon. We were making our way to San Diego, when I suddenly hear an unusual noise. I glance at my rear view window. Nothing,

– I think something’s wrong. Do you think that I should pull over? 

– No, I think you’re fine.

– I don’t know, I think that something’s wrong.

 Some guy pulls up next to me points at my back tire and says “YOU HAVE A FLAT!”. Just then, my tire blows out on the 405 freeway, My car hits the rim and I am stuck in the middle of the 405 freeway. I am sitting there and I feel the stress build up. I call AAA – longest process ever. Traffic is building up behind me, people are honking and yelling at me. CHP shows up they are telling me to move. My car doesn’t start. They push my car off to the shoulder. I hear my rim dragging on the asphalt and tears of frustration come out.

Once AAA shows up, jumps my car and puts my spare on, we make our way to a tire shop. He says that it will be about 40 minutes, so we decide to just walk somewhere to get food. Again, we walk for miles (maybe 2 lol) We can’t decide on anything we see. Nothing looks exciting….UNTIL…. FLAME BROILER.

That sounded perfect. We tend to run into this place whenever we are wandering around.


This location is also located in a shopping center. It’s a bit hidden compared to the rest of the restaurants. There is only inside seating. There are a few booths and a couple of tables. The restaurant was very clean. There is ample parking in the shopping center’s car park. 

16300 Beach Blvd
Westminster, CA 92683
(714) 843-2028


The food here has no MSG, no dairy, no trans fat, and it is not fried. Not bad for a chain right? Now, there is not veggie bowl on the menu. Usually I just ask for a a side of veggies and a side of brown rice. They’ll pack it in a bowl for you. 

The veggies are nicely cooked, and as you can see not greasy and shiny from oil. You get a hefty portion of broccoli, carrots, and cabbage. They have three different sauces to choose from (sweet, mild, and spicy). I’m not big on sauces so I just add a tiny bit of the mild sauce. On the other hand I adore chopsticks and take every chance I can to use them.


 Just like in the other location, the cashier at this location was very friendly and got our order right. We will definitely continue to eat at this chain, when we are on walking adventure.

We eventually got back on the road and made it to San Diego ours later. Man was there a ton of traffic heading to San Diego.

Where do you like to head to for Staycations?



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