Zia’s Bistro



Running keeps me sane.While I’ve always been active, running has never been something that I enjoy doing. In fact, I always found it quite boring. It wasn’t until I I tried to work through an unexpected breakup, that I discovered the magic of running. I ran everyday. I ran until I was too exhausted to think about my feelings. My sister asked me to run a 5K with her to fundraiser for Oral Cancer Research. 3 miles? no problem. It wasn’t until I was “sprinting” through UCLA, that I realized that I was in my mid twenties and out of shape. I finished in 32 minutes (embarrassing). I knew that I could do better. I was hooked.

I started running daily. I signed up for race after race trying to beat my own time every single time. 2 and half years later I am a full blown addict. My life involves work, running, and my beau. Now, I’m convincing S to tag along and share my passion with me. 

For this half marathon I was determined to get my nutrition down. I was going to carbo-load and do it right. Originally, I planned on going elsewhere; however, S decided that this place was more appealing. 


This is a very intimate venue in Little Italy with dim lighting and big open windows facing the street. There are tables and booths. It appeared clean. Despite the small size, there is ample room to move about without feeling like you bump into everyone. They take reservations and have take-out as well.

I would say this is great for a date night, because it is casual yet romantic.  


First thing the bread basket is amazing ! They had this bread in there that was so soft and chewy. S and I emptied out the bread basket before M & S joined us. I think we had 2 full bread baskets. 

I ordered the Pomodoro Fresco (Angel hair pasta with fresh tomatoes, garlic, basil, eggplant, and zucchini). I told our server that I was vegan and asked them not to use butter and he assured me that I would have a butter free meal. The pasta was cooked al dente and it had a perfect pasta to vegetable ration. 

S had the Capellini Pesto (Homemade pesto, toasted pine nuts & shaved Parmesan) he said that it was very good but couldn’t finish it all (too much bread) They definitely provide hefty portions for a normal person. Since I was allowed to carbo-load I ate my entire dish. 

M & S shared the Antipasto Misto for two (Salami, prosciutto, Gorgonzola, grana padano, taleggio,
caprese, bruschetta, mushrooms & olives) definitely not vegan friendly. More than enough for two. 

We enjoyed our dinner and the atmosphere. 


I enjoyed the service at this restaurant. They were accommodating to my dietary needs, they were attentive with my water pitcher ( I think i drank 4 on my own), and we got an extra bread basket. Everyone was pleasant and there were no problems our entire visit. 

Next time I’m racing in San Diego- I know where I will be having dinner.

What are your favorite carbo-loading foods?

1845 India St

San Diego, CA 92101

(619) 234-1344


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