Market Cafe at AT&T Center

I rarely eat burgers. When i first went vegan I would still crave burgers and looked forward to finding a vegan patty wherever I went. Sometimes I would just ask for a meatless burger at In-N-Out. This craving soon faded. When I see someone having a burger, I want it, but I quickly move on from that craving.

On this day, I really wanted a greasy, carb loaded, burger. Instead, I went to Market Cafe and got their Mediterranean Eggplant Burger, Rosemary Fries, and an Iced Tea.

Having learned my lesson the first time around, I ordered for pick up. Don’t forget to ask them to leave the feta out.


There is street parking (metered) in the area. I usually just walk over. I feel as if fewer people are aware of this place, so it tends o be emptier. It is well lit, huge, and so aesthetically pleasing. There are plenty of tables surrounding the venue. It’s cafeteria style so you just walk in and order then look at all the interesting snacks in the area until you get your food.


They have breakfast, lunch, a burger menu, and a yogurt bar. I’ve only been here twice but the ingredients always look fresh and bright. I’ve had the falafel burger and the eggplant burger.

My eggplant burger was delicious. Eggplant absorbs oil very well so I got the lovely greasy effect. It was served on a cooked brioche bun (carbs… yum!). The Olive Tapenade, Chickpeas, Roasted Peppers, Sundried Tomatoes, Hummus, Lettuce and Tomato add the right flavors to the entire thing. It’s huge(2 portions really, but who’s counting?)

The Rosemary Fries actually taste like rosemary, so if you do not like herbal flavors I would steer clear. I enjoyed every fry though. Rosemary, ketchup dipped french fries.

Sorry about the bad lighting

I washed it down with some ice cold unsweetened green tea. It was tasty.


The first time around I had an awful time, I felt that the staff was giving me an attitude simply because I did not want cheese on my burger, they were short with me, got my order wrong… and took FOREVER. Finally I had to get a hold of the manager who was very apologetic. he fixed everything. If he had not, I don’t think that I would have returned.

This time around was much smoother and a much more pleasant experience. I’ll have to try it a few more times before I decide.

Eggplant Burger & Rosemary Fries



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