Del Taco Warning !!!

Yes, you read it correctly Del Taco. I’m in no way of fast food (except for In-N-Out) Del taco used to be one of my favorites in college though.Post-party mornings – ” I need a #6 with two soft tacos not hard, diet coke with no ice, and mild sauce.” That explains why I gained the Junior 30. Those days are long gone and so is my metabolism.

It wasn’t until S and I got together that Del Taco returned to my life. When I discovered that there was a Veggie Works burrito that could be made vegan style I was so happy. Still I limit my consumption to maybe once a month.

Anyway, on the way to Palm Springs to celebrate A & L’s wedding anniversary, we stopped at Del Taco. I couldn’t have a burrito – that is not bikini friendly. What to do? This is when I discovered the Fire Roasted Veggie Fiesta Bowl: Fresca Lime Rice, Black Beans, Green Sauce, Salsa, Salsa Seasoning, Fire Roasted Vegetable Blend, Onions, Cilantro. I order and ask for no dairy. Seems safe, right?


There is non-fat dry milk in the veggie blend. Now I get it, I should have asked for an ingredient list or an allergen warning menu. At the same time, I feel as if the employees should know. There should be some kind of warning !

Anyway, in conclusion, Veggie Works Burrito (no cheese) is safe – Fiesta Bowl NOT SAFE !

Fire Roasted Veggie Fiesta Bowl

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