Nature’s Brew

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Two times a week I go running in the morning before heading to work. On these days, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned, I spoil myself and pick up breakfast on the way to work. I had seen this place a couple of times and had bookmarked it. Somehow, I always managed to forget that it was there. On this particular day, I happened to remember and decided I’d try it.


It’s not in the best neighborhood, but it’s a convenient location. Although they do not have a car park there is both metered and non-metered parking available and I’ve never had difficulty finding a spot relatively quickly. This restaurant/cafe stands out on the block. It looks smaller from the outside than it really is. Once inside it feels very spacious. There are high ceilings and rustic wood tables. The decor is very rustic and organic. It sets the mood for good, fresh food. There is plenty of seating, although you might have to join a  table with a USC student studying.

There is a nice pastry layout, which serves as wonderful temptation prior to ordering.


Overall, the venue is quite clean and inviting.


I have included my food from two separate visits in this post.


First breakfast. I had the oatmeal, which are served with your choice of milk (I had almond) and any two toppings: banana, apple, coconut, dried cranberries, raisins, almonds, honey, or agave. Now, I don’t know where they get their oatmeal from, but it’s delicious. It was the perfect temperature and texture. The way the package it (I had mine to go) was perfect and didn’t spill despite my less than perfect driving. They also give you ample milk, so if  you like it super milky and mushy you will not run out. I used my extra milk to make myself an iced coffee later that day.

Oatmeal (My way)

I also had a juice that was called Summer’s ______. I can’t remember the name, it’s not on the website menu, but it was oh so tasty.

Second, Lunch.

I went to lunch with my mom a few days later, because I wanted to show her my new find. I have to say that the service during lunch time was much much slower. Unfortunately we ended up having to take our food to go, because it took to long to get our food. I got the seasonal veggies in a bag with Bulgar, basil and sun-dried tomatoes. It was very tasty I think it needed a little more filling. It does come in a bag, which is a nice gimmick. It was very flavorful. I had the watermelon mint lemonade with it which was tart.

In a Bag


Both times that I have been here, the employees have been very friendly. You don’t feel rushed when you order. There’s also a sense of them trying to help you and walk you through the menu. All coffees, juices, and smoothies are made to order.






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