The Mill

San Francisco is one of those cities that people either fall in love with or they are completely indifferent. I am the latter. While I appreciate the character of the city I would never want to live there. I always say that I’m going to visit, but I don’t ever make any concrete plans to do so. Ragnar, brought me to San Francisco recently.

Ragnar Relay is one of those races that teaches you a lot about your capability. Whether you’re a beginner-advanced runner, this race will push you to your limits. Having done one Ragnar Relay prior to this one,I knew what to expect. Trapped in a van for 1-2 days with noting but munchies, water,  and sweaty teammates is fun, yet exhausting. Knowing that I might have to live off of fruit, granola bars, and trail mix while on limited sleep and racing had be nervous.

The night before our start, I hardly slept. That morning I was on the phone venting to S, when my teammate, Amanda, asked if I wanted coffee. heck yeah! Do I ever say no to coffee? It was like one last Hurrah! before entering the world of Ragnar.

We walked over to The Mill, which was surprisingly a lot closer than we had anticipated.



This place is everything that I imagine, when I think of a San Fran coffee shop.Think Rustic, country, organic. ( I need to find better descriptive terms) Anyway, It’s very spacious with high ceilings, white furniture, and the brick exterior, They have beautiful open kitchen and communal seating(indoor and outdoor). Yes, people, put the cellie down and socialize over your coffee. I don’t know how much sunlight you actually get in San Fran, but on this day there was a flood of natural light coming through the windows. There is street parking and bike parking.

The Mill


$4 toast?! Outrageous you say it looks good though. They have artisan jams. Sometimes a little carb splurge is not so bad. I didn’t get to try it, but the reviews say the toast is great and worth the $4. Instead I decided to get and Iced Coffee with Almond Milk and Granola.

I usually avoid granola, because I feel that I might as well have a sugar filled pastry. Their house-made granola  sucked me in. It looked so pretty sitting in the casing in a rustic mason jar. I figured I’d be running off the calories anyway. I added some almond milk. Their granola consists of: Whole grain oats, corn flakes, sliced almonds, coconut chips, sunflower seeds, cinnamon, clove, salt, maple syrup, olive oil. It was crunchy, filling, and decadent. I didn’t get the mason jar, because I took it to go,

Iced Coffee and Granola on Communal Table

Does anyone else feel better holding a clear plastic to go cup as opposed to the white cardboard to go cups?


There were tons of people and the service was kind of slow, but I found that it gave me time to stand back and appreciate the experience. I was able to look around and take in every detail.

What’s your favorite coffee shop?

Pre-Ragnar Breakfast

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