Rosso Pizzeria & Wine Bar

Ragnar Day #1 ended in Santa Rosa. We were all exhausted, hungry, and ready for bed. Trying to find a place that satisfied everyone’s hunger with a vegan and a gluten free person was a feat. We Yelped the area and decided on Rosso Pizzeria & Wine Bar.


This restaurant is located in a shopping center. There is a private lot for the shopping center, so there is ample parking. There is also bicycle parking.There is outdoor seating, but it is quite limited.

The restaurant was packed ! There was music in the background, TV’s at the bar, and conversations flooding the area. It was so busy it made me wish that they had a waiting area. It felt like we were all crowded up front and constantly in the way.

It’s a casual restaurant with both tables and booths. I like that you can see pizza oven.


I have to apologize because my dish is not part of the menu. Actually it was a vegan take on one of their dinner specials that day. The special was a salmon fettuccine Of course I removed the cheese and the salmon. I it was cooked with lemon and basil with corn and garlic in a marinara sauce.

Corn and Basil Lemon Fettuccine

The lemon was the highlighted flavor. It made it seem so light and fresh. Truth be told, I don’t recall ever having corn in my pasta. In fact, I find it kind of odd. It  tasted good – it’s just an odd combination.

I accompanied it with a glass, or two, of Chianti. Red wine helps aid in muscle recovery. Plus it made me sleepy enough to sleep in a van after running that day.



Our server was great! He was very attentive and took great care of us. He made conversation and joked around with us. I would say that he brought the energy back to the group.

My one gripe was that there was a LONG wait to be seated. The hostess said that we could order drinks while we waited;; however, the bartender took FOREVER to take our order. I put my order with someone who I assume was the restaurant manager or owner. The girls next to me placed their order with the hostess. Neither of us got our drink for over 20 minutes. The hostess had to go remind the bartender.  Considering they advertise themselves as a wine bar I think that the bartender should be more attentive.


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