P.F. Chang’s

My mother loves Asian cuisine. Thai food, Japanese, Chinese …

She was craving P.F. Chang’s the other day. Mind you, I had not been there in quire sometime. This was convenient, since I had some shopping to do at the Promenade. Plus, time with my mom is hard to come by. It’s mostly my fault, since I’m never home.I went in with my usual strategy, look for something appealing, and if all else fails, have a salad. Well – I go on and off with the raw food, and when I’m off, I’m way off. I wanted some hot food. Try going raw for 2 weeks, and your appreciation for a hot plate will skyrocket.


I like this particular location, because it’s right off of the promenade. This means that there are plenty of parking structures, as well as metered parking. It is a huge restaurant with both tables and booths. The bar is huge ! Every single time that I have been in here, it is clean- no matter how busy it is.

It’s a casual restaurant, perfect for a pre-movie dinner, a get together with the girls, or even a family dinner.


Brown Rice

I had steamed snapeas, broccoli, carrots and asparagus, with a side of brown rice.I would call it an altered Buddha’s feast.

Steamed Veggies


I told our server that I had a mushroom allergy and that I was vegan. Our server – I’m sorry I don’t remember your name– went and told the manager, Amy, about my allergy. Amy did something that NO ONE has done to this day. She printed out a menu showing all the dishes that I was able to have. The things that I could have were not appealing to me; however, I am used to having to settle for something that I’m not excited about.

Amy, offered to steam some veggie for me. Our server was great, he was so attentive. Our food was delicious, our experience was great, and we left satisfied.

I was so impressed with the staff and how they handled my dietary needs.


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