Mohawk Bend

This was the first vegan restaurant that I ever fell in love with. When I first moved back to L.A. my cousin told me about this place. She raved about their “buffalo wings”. One day, I just had to try it out, so she and I had cousin date at Mohawk Bend.

The first time that I went, I had pizza (not too adventurous). Since then I’ve tried several dishes, one of my faves being chili.

S had never been there and I wanted him to try it, but it’s not convenient for us. I keep saying that they need to open a location on the west side. On this particular night, S had been down on his luck for a while.

  1. Bad Haircut (I thought it looked fine)
  2. Rolled Ankle (may be a sprain/tear now)
  3. Work stress
  4. and dealing with me (JUST KIDDING)

I wanted him to relax, laugh, and just forget for a second. I asked him out to dinner (Yes, you can finally say that I asked YOU out) I had several places that I thought about going to, but I eventually decided on Mohawk bend.


The restaurant does offer valet, but there is plenty of parking on the side streets and metered parking on Sunset. They also have bicycle locking stations out front.

There is an awning facing the street. There are tables and lounge couches set up. Just inside there are tables and booths. There are two long bars with stools in case you’re doing happy hour. I like to sit in the patio by the chimney. My understanding is that this venue used to be a theater and the stage used to be where the chimney now stands. The venue has high ceilings and it feels so airy.



We decided to do the whole sharing thing.

To start we had the Buffalo Style Cauliflower

Vegan “bleu cheese” dressing, celery


the texture is what gets me. Their buffalo sauce and “blue cheese” is delicious, but it’s the texture of the cauliflower that really makes this dish. They could have easily used faux meat. They manage to cook the cauliflower perfectly. There’s a bit of a crunch but it’s tender at the same time. S tried it and then left most of it for me. I devoured it.


Next we split the Chili Cheese Fries

Vegan chili, pico de gallo, jalapeno, guacamole w Daiya or cheddar cheese


It looked like the portion might have been too small, when it arrived. Not true. It was a perfect portion. This used to be one of my favorite foods and it was nice to just grub out and have some comfort food. This comes in both a  vegan and non-vegan version; luckily, I have a wonderful boyfriend, who is willing to bite the bullet (should I say, the french fry). The guacamole and chili soak into the thick fries and create this soggy deliciousness.


We finished the night off with a pie. The Trinity…

Fresh tomato, basil, fresh mozzarella, or house made cashew cheese


It was tasty, but I think I’d rather have Daiya instead of the cashew cheese.

We were stuffed and happy by then end of our dinner.


We had a reservation, which I strongly recommend you do, since it gets busy. We were seated within a few minutes. The hostess was very friendly and actually made conversation with us. The server was attentive. Our order was correct and came out in a timely manner. I love this place and I’m pretty sure S would come back.


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