It’s rare that my co-workers want to try something new. When they asked if I wanted to head downtown to eat at this place called Baco Mercat, I was on board. As of late, Downtown has become quite the neighborhood. There are many cafe’s, boutiques, restaurants, and bars that have popped up. We were meeting up with my co-worker’s daughter, who is lucky enough to work near this neighborhood.


Located in the historic Old Bank district in downtown Los Angeles. There is metered parking (if you’re lucky enough to find one) and there are paid lots everywhere. There is bicycle parking nearby.

There is both indoor and outdoor seating The outdoor seating area is fenced in and covered by awning, so you could potentially eat outside during any weather. The restaurant itself is small. There are free standing tables and booths; there is also bar seating and a fully stocked bar.

It’s a casual atmosphere and it is quite lively.


WARNING: the menu is not vegan friendly.

They are known for their Baco sandwiches, which are flat-bread sandwiches. They come with all types of meat and sauces. They look delicious and everyone at our table enjoyed their order.

Although I did not partake they have a nice wine list with wines from all different parts of the world.

As I mentioned, the menu is not vegan friendly BUT, our server gladly worked with me to create a dish. I wound up having the cauliflower.I have been dwelling on this for quite some time, it tastes like something familiar, but I cannot place my finger on it. It was savory and rich. Although the server recommended that I order two things, I only ordered this and I was full.

Caramelized Cauliflower (Cauliflower, Pine Nuts, Mint) non-vegan has Lebni (yogurt sauce)


Our server was very attentive and, as I mentioned, he went out of his way to make sure that I was able to eat something. I want to come back and try the drinks.


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