… and while i’m on the topic of Food Trucks – Do you remember ice cream trucks?

I remember saving up my lunch money to go to the ice cream truck after school. Every day I would wait to hear that jingle and I would run out there and get a Big Stick and two Blue Raspberry Blow Pops. It was the best sugar high ever ! No that I’m a grown woman, with a degree, and a career I should not indulge in such activities. NOT ! (90’s style) I still love ice cream, sugar, and I love the Coolhaus truck. Usually I make a stop here, when I go to First Fridays. This passed month, I skipped the Coolhaus truck, because I had an Ice Cream Social for my sonority’s alumnae chapter at Coolhaus.

The anticipation built up all week and when the day finally came, I skipped into the Coolhaus shop and took a visual inventory of the ice cream and cookies. Their flavors change so it’s always a surprise. Especially since they usually offer only one vegan flavor. I lucked out and they had Mango Saffron Sorbet, which is described as: An interpretation of an Eastern pairing; try it with our Vegan Ginger Molasses cookies to create the Thom Mayne-go. Well, they didn’t have any vegan cookies, so I had settle for a regular scoop but it was so good.

Mango Saffron Sorbet

What’s your favorite frozen treat?



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