Cafe Vida

My mom is like super mom. She has always gone out of her way to make my life more convenient. I’m sure that many times I don’t show as much gratitude as I should. I was in a wedding recently and she took one of the days off to help me get ready. Before getting into hair and makeup mode, we grabbed lunch at one of my favorite places. Cafe Vida. I have reviewed this restaurant before, so I won’t bore  you with the details all over again.

Sunny California Days

I feel that I usually come here for lunch or dinner, but for some reason, all my posts have been breakfast posts. Anyway, my mother and I had a lovely outdoor lunch.

During lunch time, each table gets chips and salsa to munch on.


Mom had the carne asada lunch special, which was a huge plate ! I, on the other hand, had the Chopped BBQ Salad, with no chicken,tortilla strips, or dressing of course.

Chopped BBQ Tofu Salad

instead I added tofu and asked for extra BBQ sauce.




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