The Hollywood Bowl

A Los Angeles landmark. I’m a bit weary, when I go to a concert venue, because there’s usually nothing for me to have – besides fries ( which I have learned to love).

This year The Simpsons took over the bowl this year with #everysimpsonsever. We stopped by Grand Central Market to get food on the way to show. Believe it or not, every single place with a vegetarian option was closed. I sat there as my friends had their philly sandwiches.


I figured that I could get fries at the show or something. I went to one of the first food booths and they had a vegan burger. I was so happy and excited. I stood in line just waiting for it. I got to the front of the line and I ordered my burger – the cashier responds we don’t have soy cheese or the sauce.

Um, ok well, can you add avocado or tomatoes or something- since i’m vegan.

-No, we can’t, we can put real cheese on it. 

-Um, no I’m vegan. Can you just add some of the hummus that you have?

-No you have to pay for hummus.

-Really? even when you don’t have soy cheese or the dressing?


-I guess i’ll just have it like that. 

Vegan Burger

It was an ok burger. It was rather dry and I covered it in mustard.It definitely wasn’t worth $13. How do you not have soy cheese or dressing, can make no substitutes, and still charge me full price?!

bad service on their part.

Either way, it was nice to see all the Simpsons themed food, snacks, and decorations. The performances were hilarious.


Duff (Energy Drink)




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