Nature’s Brew

I have been determined for my mother to try the food here at a time when she is not rushed. I decided that the easiest thing to do would be to have her order ahead of time and bring it to her at work. I went to pick up lunch for both of us and upon management’s advice, I parked in the lot located behind the building.

My order was ready to pick up so I didn’t have to wait in the lunch rush line. Thank goodness. I had only done the “In a Bag” lunches, so I decided to try a salad.

The Chef’s Chopped Salad was very good. I’m always amazed by these portions that look as if they will be way too small and they wind up being quite filling. The Chef’s Chopped Salad comes with tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, romaine, kale tahini dressing, sumac and za’atar. The seasoning is wonderful. It gives it so much flavor that I feel as if you really don’t need the dressing. For you dressing junkies out there, they give you two containers of the kale tahini dressing. I used half of one and took the rest back to work to use as a veggie dip later. l

Chef’s Chopped

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