Simply Salad

On my last work trip to simply salad, I decided to try the Thai It Up! Signature Salad. I wound up with one for S and one for me. My version had tofu and sunflower seeds instead of chicken and won-tons.

This was a nice and filling salad. I’m usually ravenous,when I take my lunch later in the afternoon. This; however, kept me full through the end of the day. I really enjoyed my salad and the sunflower seed substitution added a nice crunch. It was a guilt-free way to maintain crunch and not have to eat won tons.

S liked his, but I don’t think he loved it. Granted, he had his in the evening for dinner.

S’ Thai It Up!
My Thai It Up! (romaine – Iceberg, tofu, peanuts, carrots, sunflower seeds, bean sprouts, and red bell peppers)


Simply Salad Review

Simply Salad Pt. II

Simply Salad Pt. III


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