“Just the way my mom used to make them.” #intacoswetrust

If you are an Angeleno there are a few things that are simply known:

  • Anything below 70 degrees is freezing;
  • The Lakers and Dodgers are the best teams ever;
  • In-N-Out is the best burger you will ever have;
  • and Guisados is the place to go to pre and post Dodger games.

Just in case you don’t know, Los Angeles has a massive Mexican population. You know what that means? Amazing Mexican food. Guisados has reinvented L.A. tacos. They opened their doors in December 2010 in Boyle Heights and word traveled quickly about their delicious braises and homemade tortillas. So much so, that they have also opened an Echo Park and a Downtown Los Angeles Location.

So, you know where I went for lunch the other day? Guisados.


I was lucky and found a parking spot a block away. Metered parking. If you don’t mind spending some money, downtown is loaded with over-priced parking garages. Their downtown location has limited outdoor and indoor seating. It’s not a large venue, but with people coming in and out during their lunch breaks you should be able to find seating.

It was very bright and airy. There are counters along the windows and tables.

You walk in, order, and then your food is brought to you.


When it comes to tacos, vegan = potato taco, tofu taco, or some soy protein meat substitute. Not here!

I had the calabasistas tacos. 3 of them to be exact. Squash, tomatoes, bell peppers, corn and onions. I asked them to not add the queso fresco or the chipotle sauce to keep it vegan. The Zucchini was so flavorful and savory. There was so much placed into the tortilla that pieces of zucchini fell out every time I took a bite. This left me with a tasty pile of Zuchinni to eat after the tacos were all gone. Yes, all 3 were gone.

Clabasitas Tacos


For my non-vegans, I heard that the Mole Poblano and Tinga de pollo tacos were very nicely braised.

Try their aguas frescas. If you want to particularly naughty try the Armando Palmero – YUM !


The employees moved the line along quickly. There was an efficient chain of employees. The employees servicing the tables were friendly very attentive. Tables were cleaned in a timely fashion.

Check them out ! Their tacos are worth it.



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