Venice Ale House

1/2 Marathon #2 is finally under my belt. I always want to make huge post-race food plans. I think about all the energy that I’m going to expel during my race and I just want to have all my cheat foods. Then, I finish my race, my body loses adrenaline, and I realize that my tummy just wants the simples food. The thought of anything with complex flavors makes me rather uneasy.

S was great, he rode his bike through about 1/2 of the course and waited for me to meander and grab some water and Gu. He was pretty tired as well; having had to dodge pot holes and other downtown obstacles.

After my race, we went home and showered. Then we walked (I hobbles) down the street and wandered into Venice Ale House.


If you’re looking for beach-front eats, then look no further. This restaurant is located on Venice Boardwalk on Rose Ave.

If you’re looking for parking there is a lot a block away that is pay per space, there’s metered street parking, or you can park in the residential area and walk several blocks over.

It’s mostly outside seating, although there was some inside seating and a bar. What’s the point of being at the beach if you’re going to eat indoors? It is a small venue, but it is always packed. There was  an awning to keep the sun and wind out, which was greatly appreciated. The fact that it’s on the Boardwalk makes it an ideal place for people watching at Venice.


I wanted everything – waffles, pancakes, a cocktail… so- naturally- I ordered the Spooni Special Vegan scramble*- red potatoes, tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, garlic, sautéed onions, roasted red bell peppers, avocado, black beans & market greens. I added Tempeh in order to get some protein.

Spooni’s Vegan Scramble


I loved the flavors. It wasn’t bland but it was just enough zest to excite my taste buds while keeping my tummy ok. As always, I removed the mushrooms. All the ingredients were fresh. It was very filling, and I ended up taking some of it home with me.

We split the rosemary reds un-fries (roasted red wedges or sweet potato rounds). These were so tasty. They were neither dry nor greasy. They had a nice crisp on the outer layer.



I had a glass of red wine, because I’m allowed ( it helps with muscle recovery! )

Note: They mark their vegetarian/vegan dishes


I would give them 3/5 stars for service. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t noteworthy either. Out server took our order and asked if we were ok. That was about it. She had no personality. Having been a server at one point in my life I completely understand being busy or tired, but … “fake it ’till you make it”.

Still, I know that I will be back.


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