I remember when Sprinkles bakery first opened in Beverly Hills. I remember driving up and thinking how small and plain it was. I loved the font of their sign – it made me feel playful and excited. It’s weird that a font can evoke such feelings. As soon as you opened the door the smell of fresh baked cupcakes envelopes you and ushers you in. You peer into the casing and see dozens of perfectly decorated cupcakes waiting to be picked up and taken home.

I was hooked.

When I became vegan I was so bummed that there was not vegan sprinkles cupcakes, so I ventured out and found other bakeries with vegan options. Once they added vegan cupcakes to the menu; however, I was back !

Finding a parking spot in this area is a mission. There are tons of metered spaces and even more people. You can always wander off and find a parking garage.

There are about 4 stools that you can sit at an eat your cupcake, but why not just take it to go?

There is also the famous Cupcake ATM – just in case you have a late night craving.


LOVE. They have a changing menu which makes it exciting. Red velvet is the best and they have a vegan version ! They have all the “normal flavors” and fun flavors like chai latte, orange cranberry (seasonal), and cinnamon sugar.

Vegan Red Velvet cupcake


Their frosting is perfect for my palate. It is just enough sweetness to completely satisfy my sutra craving. Their cake is so moist and spongy.



Everyone that works here is so happy and sweet, just like their cupcakes. You can’t be unpleasant and sell cupcakes.



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