Five Guys

Five Guys started in Virginia. It started gaining momentum in the early 2000’s. The first Five Guys near me opened in 2007, I think. I remember thinking that it looked so plain; however, being a true L.A. girl I am not turning my back on In-N-Out.

My ex-boyfriend took my sister and I hear the day after my 23rd birthday party. Boy was it a long night, and burgers and fries sounded like the perfect way to settle our tummies. Back then I still ate meat. I had  a burger with a ton of toppings. Nothing remarkable.

Fast forward to 2014 – I am now vegan and I love five guys.


This Five Guys is located on Figueroa at University Park. Perfect location to generate quick business. Students love fast food. It’s a decent size too. There is limited outdoor seating, but plenty of indoor seating. You can slide tables together, in case you show up with a larger group (like we did on this day) It was my going away lunch and my co-workers took me out to lunch.

During the lunch rush many parking is a huge issue. Not here. There is metered parking and there’s also a parking structure. There is bicycle parking as well.

The restaurant has been cry clean, every time that I have dined here.


As I mentioned, the first time that I tried a Five Guys burger, I was not impressed. This has changed.This place is perfect because, my co-workers, who are not vegan, can enjoy a nicely cooked burger with all the toppings they want at no additional charge. Meanwhile, it’s perfect for me, because I can have a meatless burger that is not cooked on the same stove top as the meat is with as many toppings as I want.


The fries are cooked in peanut oil which gives them a distinct flavor. If you want something salty and are not feeling the fries, try some peanuts. They’re free !



Every employee I have encountered has been pleasant and they do such a good job at making sure that you’re order is correct. This place is worth checking out.


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