i just ran a search for PhoShow, because I was sure that I had already reviewed it. Shame, shame, shame!


It’s in Culver City, so of course it’s the perfect venue! Too much? This is a medium-sized restaurant located off of Sepulveda Blvd. There is both indoor and outdoor seating. The outdoor seating is still rather private as there is an awning and a wall of bamboo or some sort of plant. There is metered parking on Sepulveda and non-metered parking in the neighboring residential streets. There is also nearby bicycle parking if you need it.

There is a “lobby” of sorts, in case there is a wait.

As far as the women’s restroom it’s a one stall room.

There is a chalkboard that lists daily specials – don’t forget to check that.


They have plates, appetizers, and desserts – but honestly I just come for the pho.

Admittedly, I’m not really into the run of the mill Pho restaurants. I much prefer the hole in the wall joints. I find that it’s much more authentic; however, I have managed to find a few acceptable Pho restaurants that are more mainstream; this being one of them.

I order the vegetable Pho, easy noodles, add tofu. I’m not particular at all, right? It comes with cilantro, so if you’re not a cilantro person make sure to ask them to leave it off. You get a decent amount of onions, sprouts, basil, and lemon. I think that I have a pretty good appetite and I’m usually satisfied with the small bowl; however, there is a large bowl available.


I have tried the vegetable spring rolls once, which were very good.


Service has never been outstanding here. It’s not bad either. It kind of just is. Do you know what i mean? You go in they seat you, they take your order, bring your bill; that’s it. No frills.


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