Tender Greens

Tender Greens is one of those places that the name suggests freshness, vegan-friendly, and an enjoyable experience. In fact it’s become quite a popular chain  in the hip L.A. scene. In case you didn’t know, Angelino’s are all about fresh, in-season, organic produce at least most of us pretend to be.

Anyway, I find that when it comes to Tender Greens people either love it or they are indifferent. I’m part of the latter. In fact, every single time that I’ve been here it is based on someone else’s suggestion


On this evening, S and I came to grab dinner. I was definitely not going through some good times. When S suggested Tender Greens I immediately dreaded it. The downtown location always has a long line. Just thinking about driving through downtown, waiting in a huge line into the car park, and then waiting forever to order seemed so daunting.

Keep in mind, there are several parking structures, metered parking, and non-metered parking. There is both indoor and outdoor seating. This is a smaller location than the one in Santa Monica. It is very clean just a little more crowded. The patio seating has some privacy as there is a wall of bushes/plants lining the area.


I usually order Tender Greens, when I go to Cinespia. Mostly because it’s convenient. I will get the happy Buddha plate sans dressing. It’s nice and filling without making you feel heavy. When I dine in, I usually order soup and a side of veggies, just because their menu doesn’t really excite me.

On this day, I decided to get their veggie sandwich. I was in the mood for some comfort food. I was surprised at how tasty it was given that i removed all dairy sauces, cheese, and dressing from my side salad.  It was a very tasty and filling plate. Nothing I would ever crave, but definitely something I would consider ordering again.


S decided to be a sweetheart and he ordered a vegan pumpkin cupcake to surprise me with. The frosting was a bit too rich (you might be into that ) but the cake itself was deliciously moist.



The service was good. The line moved more quickly than I anticipated and we got re-fills on our drink very quickly.

It was a much more pleasant experience than I anticipated. Still, I remain indifferent. I’m not quite sure why.


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