Con Sabor

“Ew!” is the usual reaction I got from my non-salvadorian friends, when I told them about this dish. I have to assume that they were primarily focused on the “pupu” part. So what is a pupusa?

Pupusa: traditional Salvadorian dish made of a thick, handmade corn tortilla usually filled with cheese, pork, and refried beans

Thanks Wikipedia!

Personally, I never dined on swine. I always got mine with cheese and loroco. Well, you can imagine how long it’s been since I’ve had that. Then, I realized that you can pretty much stuff them with anything. Luckily our favorite pupuseria expanded their menu.


Con Sabor is a family owned restaurant (chain? I think there are 2 now). This location has a small parking lot adjacent and there is also street parking. It’s located in mid-city Los Angeles. The restaurant itself is small with tables that can easily be put together for larger groups.


They serve traditional Salvadorian dishes such as platoons fritos, salpicon, yucca, tamales, empanadas (must try), horchata, tamarind, etc. We come for the pupusas. The key to a good pupusa is more stuffing less masa.

As I mentioned, they have expanded their menu. You can get squash, beans, string beans, and my favorite beans and spinach. (There are other options, so go check out their menu).


Don’t forget to add the tomato sauce and curtido (pickled cabbage and carrots).



Everyone is very nice. It feels almost as if you’re walking into someone’s home. Make sure to double check large orders of pupusas especially emphasize that you want NO CHEESE if you’re a vegan.


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