Cafe Gratitude

When I hit a rough patch, I tend to hide out from the world. I had been hiding for the world, because I didn’t want to blow up and just start blurting out all of my feelings. Mothers tend to have inexplicable intuition. My mother is no different. She knows when something has overwhelmed me. I’ve been wanting to take her to Cafe Gratitude for what seems to be years now. On this particular night she asked to meet up for coffee. We headed here. What better way to purge the catastrophe that is my life than over a warm elixir and some chips and dip. We shared “Connected”: guacamole or zucchini cilantro hummus with flax crackers, buckwheat crackers or corn tortillas. We chose flax crackers and guacamole. They were very filling, even though the portion looks small.


I ordered “Marvelous”: Honey, cacao, steamed almond milk ( I asked for no honey)


Cafe Gratitude


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