Pink’s Hot Dogs

If you’re from L.A. you have to go to Pink’s. There is no way that you can be born and raised in L.A. and not visit this landmark at least once. This is not some hipster artisan hot dog. This is a hot dog stand hot dog flavored with history.

You can imagine the jaw dropping moment, when my lovely boyfriend admitted that he had never been here (mind you he’s from the valley). Anyway, it was Thanksgiving Day, we finished Turkey Trot (his first 10K), so we were ready to eat. I had to go walk my friend’s dog around the area, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity for him to experience the deliciousness that is Pink’s.


What started as a hot dog stand is now a restaurant. There is a tiny parking lot and metered parking. Prepare for a long line (it moves quickly). No matter what time of day or night stop by, there will be a line. Yes, it’s that good. You order at the register, grab your tray and find a seat either inside or outside.

The charm of this place is that there are pictures posted everywhere of different public figures and hollywood celebrities that have stopped by.


Pat Morrison Baja Vegan Dog

Lucky for all my lovely vegans out there…there is a Vegan Hot Dog it is called the Pat Morrison Baja Vegan Dog. The story behind this hot dog is that Bruno Ryff, Consul General of Switzerland, who hosted a dinner party where Patt Morrison was the guest of honor. The guests were served the “Pink’s Patt Morrison” Veggie hot dog.
It’s pretty good for a vegan dog – the texture is a bit mushy, but having tomatoes, onion, and guacamole really gives it a lot of flavor.
S on the other hand, went the flexitarian route and ordered a non-vegan hot dog. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the name of the one he ordered.

Either way, he enjoyed it. All the hot dogs are named after a famous L.A. location or movie star or public figure.

You can buy Yoohoo! in a bottle or soda pop in a bottle – the old school glass bottles. It’s just a fun casual atmosphere.



I’ve never had bad service here; however, since they’re so busy there isn’t much time to chit-chat. You see the workers constantly on the go prepping orders.

This brings up the question, who has the best hot dogs in L.A.?


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