Cabbage Patch

I love when my mom has the day off and she comes to meet me for lunch. It’s better now, because there are so many cute restaurants around here. A lot of times you take your surroundings for granted and don’t realize how lucky you are to have access to so much amazing food. When I was working downtown, there was a Cabbage Patch across the street. Well, someone brought my mom to Cabbage Patch Beverly Hills and this is where she took me and my sister.


This is a much smaller location than the one in Downtown Los Angeles. There is a parking structure nearby that is 2 hours free on weekdays and there is metered parking in front as well. This restaurant features indoor and outdoor seating.



The portions are huge here. Realistically, every plate is about 2 portions. 2 full meals.I love their soy marinated tofu bowl. It comes with carrots, brown rice, cucumber, onion, peanuts, scallions, mint, basil, and dressing.

What I like is that everything is grouped together, I prefer my food sectioned off,so that I can eat one thing at a time. For the most part, it is a bland dish; however, the soy marinated flavor completely stands out. In fact, I usually save it until the very end so that I can enjoy the best part last.



The employees were nice. My order came out quickly and correctly. I found the employees of the downtown location to be much more friendly and perky; however, they still provided excellent service.


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