California Roll Factory (Vegetarian)

VEGETARIAN ONLY Venue: This is a small venue. There are two 2 person tables set up outside. This is more of a take out spot. It’s located in a shopping center, sot there is a front lot for parking, metered parking, and residential parking. The venue itself was clean and it has an open kitchen. Service: I placed my order on-line so that I could just walk over and pick it up. I walked in and was not acknowledged for about 5 minutes. Then, the cook finally acknowledged me. I then waited another 5 minutes for someone to come and ring me up. It wasn’t a big deal, because I wasn’t in a rush; however, if I had been in a rush, this would have been rather annoying. I did like that my order was perfectly packed. My soup and sauce were in their containers and then plastic wrapped to prevent spillage. I was given chopsticks and utensils without asking. I love a take out place that knows how to package. The two employees I interacted with were very nice. Food: Wait, I thought you were vegan? I know i know, I listen to my body. If I am craving something, I will have it. Lately my body has been craving eggs. It must be either the fat or the protein because of all the marathon training. My understanding is that tempura is made with egg, so I allowed myself to have it. Anyway, I ordered the vegetable tempura special. The portion size was great. Did I mention my salad was separated from my veggies and rice with foil. That’s a genius idea, that way my salad didn’t get warm. My food was delicious. My soup was the perfect temperature. There were visible pieces of tofu and seaweed.

Miso Soup

2015/01/img_5720.jpg The vegetable tempura was nice, not too heavy ( I don’t really like tempura). The rice had a great sticky texture.

Tempura Lunch (Rice under Tempura
Tempura Sauce
Tempura Veggies

All in all, I would order from here again. What are your favorite sushi take-out spots?


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