Dave & Buster’s

Dave & Busters is a great place for a Sunday Funday hangout. I feel like it’s Chuck E Cheese for grown ups.


Dave & Busters is located at Howard Hughes Center. There is a parking structure and it is $2 flat for parking.

Everything is new. This location is nice. There is a ton of seating and I feel like I’ve never waited to be seated for very long. The bar area is fairly large with stool seating and several televisions.

The game area is loads of fun. There is this zombie game that measures your pulse that is a must try. S and I spent most of our tokens on it.


I wasn’t very hungry and to be honest there isn’t much for a vegan to eat here. I ordered a beer with a side of well whiskey. Not the classiest, but it was perfect for sunday funday and football.


I decided to order the nachos. I got the cheese, sour cream, and meat on the side so that everyone else could have it. That left me with jalapeño, lettuce, tomato, and a dollop (yes a dollop) of guacamole. Do you see this? How is this guacamole? This is not even a spoonful. I usually don’t complain about portion size but this is the smallest portion of Nachos and the toppings are scarce.
IMG_4788I would never order this again!


This time the service was not bad. Then again, my expectations were low after my last experience there. Yelp Review. It wasn’t outstanding service it was just not bad.

Do people have trouble with service at other Dave & Buster’s?


I would never or


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