I wasn’t always vegan. There was a journey. I was forced into vegetarianism (for health reasons). I was pescatarian for a few months. I made a deal with myself, that if I was able to remain pescatarian for a year, then I would try being vegetarian. Once the year came around, I became vegetarian for about a month.

Now that I’m done rambling…

I have never had meat from Chipotle. Even when I did eat meat, I never tried it. I always complained and said that they should offer tofu. They introduced Sofritas, and I never tried it. When they had the buy one get one free offer for Sofritas, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to try it.


I usually go to the Chipotle downtown or in Culver City. I found that the closest one, according to yelp, was the Beverly Center location. It is located street side in the Beverly Center building. The easiest thing to do is to park inside the Beverly Center; however, this means that you will have to pay the $1 parking fee.

You can also look for street parking, if you have time to take a stroll . TIP: Order over the phone and when you pick up go around back to the order pick up window.


As I mentioned, I tried the Sofritas. I usually get the bowl with rice or beans,extra lettuce, pico de gallo, green sauce, and guacamole. Keep in mind that the guacamole is not included with the Sofritas burrito bowl.


I love the ingredients at Chipotle because it always tastes fresh. I will warn you that not all of the ingredients are what I would call “fresh” or “good”, but if you’re vegan, you’re pretty much safe.
To be honest, I would not get the Sofritas again. It’s not as hearty as I would like it to be. I think thicker tofu cubes would work better. It was nice to try it though.


The service at this location is great. I walked in through the main door, and the cashier immediately asked if I was picking up a to go order. He directed me to the proper window. Even though he was slammed during the lunch rush, he acknowledged me and made sure that I was not standing in the wrong place. Little things like this will keep people coming back.

The woman working the window is so friendly. She packages everything nicely every time, so that I don’t have spills. She always makes sure that there are napkins and utensils.


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